Pregnancy Testing

A pregnancy test may reveal if you are pregnant, one way or the other. Our on-site lab technicians test to see if hCG is present in your system. hCG is a hormone your body produces not too long after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of your uterus.

There are two different tests that can be administered to find out if you are pregnant:

Urine tests – can be done privately and conveniently at home. However, it is a good idea to come into QuestCare Urgent Care where we will confirm your results quickly right here in our office. Our lab technician will ask you to provide a small sample in a sterile plastic cup. They will then run a quick test, and you will know for sure whether you are or are not pregnant.

Blood tests – are other means of confirming a pregnancy. They also can reveal further details such as; a more accurate date of conception, anemia, STD’s, HIV, rubella or other concerns.

If your test shows a positive reading, we can talk to you about what the next best step would be for you such as referring you to an OB/GYN or give you advice on nutrition, vitamins and exercise that will keep you and your baby healthy. A negative result reveals that you are not pregnant. However, if your home test has past the expiration date, you tested too soon or incorrectly you still may be pregnant. Rare cases show a false-positive result. The test may say you are pregnant when you are not. These results can be a result of a few things, such as; certain medications or drugs, some medical conditions, defective pregnancy test, improper testing, or another matter.

In addition, prenatal testing is a very important tool used by doctors to determine if there could potentially be issues during the pregnancy with not only yourself but your baby as well.

Our state-of-the-art medical facility is equipped to give you accurate results. Highly skilled technicians are well-educated and provide the physician with data as quickly as possible.

Whatever the result, our physicians are here to support and guide you any way they can. As always, your lab results and conversations between physicians and all staff members are kept confidential.

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Visit QuestCare Urgent Care for quick and accurate pregnancy test results. Check in over the phone at (214) 368-4822 or check in online.