Physical Exams in University Park Area, North Dallas

A physical examination is a routine procedure performed to examine your overall health. It usually consists of two parts: a medical history and a physical examination. Most insurance covers 100% of the cost of an annual physical. The current trend in medical coverage stresses prevention rather than treatment. An annual physical also is a great way to baseline you. Any changes from one year to the next will be readily noticeable such as hypertension, unusual lumps or changes in heart rate or weight.

QuestCare Urgent Care offers School Physicals for $25

QuestCare Urgent Care in University Park can take care of physical exams for the entire family. Our qualified medical professionals can reassure you that you are as healthy as you feel. They are also on alert for any rising health issues before they become serious.

We know how tight family schedules are these days. Seems like we are constantly on the go! Not to worry, walk in at your convenience to request a physical exam or checkup.

Camp, School & Sports Physical Exams

Whether your child is preparing for organized sports or packing their bags for camp, he/she will most likely require a physical. Also referred to as “Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPPE)”, these physicals differ from an annual physical exam focusing on his/her health as it pertains to a specific sport or a variety of camping activities.

Our physicians are on the lookout for any conditions that might affect your child’s involvement. It is a good idea to take care of this six weeks before participating so that any issues can be identified and addressed in time.

Come prepared and save time!

Be sure to bring in forms and any other paperwork necessary, such as; an immunization record, family history, a current list of medications and vitamins you take regularly. Patients are welcome to call ahead at (214) 368-4822 or check in online.