IV Fluids

Intravenous Fluids also known as IV Fluids are used in a medical setting to administer fluids and medication to patients through a vein in their body. During IV therapy, a needle is placed inside (intravenously) the vein of a patient and secured in place with a special medical tape. IV Therapy can be used to correct electrolyte imbalances, dehydration or for a blood transfusion. Administering an IV is always done by a nurse or doctor in a medical facility. It is beneficial to the patient because the treatment can be ongoing without repeated needle sticks.

Most IV lines are placed in a vein in the hand or arm. In some cases when a vein cannot be located the IV line will need to be placed in a larger vein on another part of the body. IV Fluids can be used on patients of any age and with any medical condition. Children may need an IV after a viral illness when vomiting prevents them from holding liquids or medications in their stomach. Medication can also be given through the IV to young children in order to stop vomiting allowing their bodies to heal properly.

Pregnant women may receive an IV during labor and delivery while an elderly patient may receive an IV of fluids to stabilize their electrolytes as a part of dehydration treatment. At QuestCare, the majority of our patients will receive an IV if they experience dehydration after heat exhaustion or a viral illness. Our staff also uses IV therapy to administration medication as a part of medical treatment. At QuestCare Urgent Center, we have an experienced staff of doctors and nurses ready to administer IV Fluids and medications as needed.

Intravenous fluids are usually painless after the initial placement procedure. The benefits of IV fluids outweigh the risks in most cases. IV’s provide doctors and nurses with quick access to a vein to deliver needed fluids, medications or blood products to the patient. IV’s can occasionally become clogged or infected and will need to be removed. Many patients appreciate the IV as it prevents the need for multiple needle sticks during a course of treatment.

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