Our immune systems are functional at birth and continue to develop as we grow. It becomes more sophisticated as it is introduced to new germs and bacteria. The body learns how to defend itself against these new foreign invaders. Vaccines can help your body identify these invaders and teach it how to protect you from serious diseases.

Student Immunization

The State of Texas requires students in grades K – 12 to be immunized for many preventable illnesses and diseases and requirements are subject to change every year. QuestCare Urgent Care administers all of the vaccines required by Highland Park ISD, Dallas ISD and the state of Texas, including DTaP, Polio, MMR, Hepatitis B, Varicella, Meningococcal and Hepatitis A.

You can check to see if your child’s record meets this year’s requirements by going to:

Travel Immunization

If you are traveling out of the U.S., you may need to be immunized. The specific vaccination depends on your destination. You can be exposed to different diseases based on the country you are visiting. For example, if you are heading to areas in Africa or South America, Yellow Fever is a virus you may come in contact with. Our knowledgeable doctors are well informed and are here to advise you as to which vaccinations you need.

It can take 4 – 6 weeks for a vaccine to take full effect and some may require more than one dose. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time so that you are thoroughly protected before you leave.

Flu Shots

New flu viruses are continually emerging. Last year’s flu vaccination may not protect you from this year’s viruses. QuestCare Urgent Care is always up to date on recommendations from the CDC and only administers the most up to date flu shots.


Tetanus, also referred to as “lockjaw”, is a bacterial disease that affects your nervous system. The bacterium is found in soil, dust and animal feces. It finds its way into your body through open wounds. There is no known cure for tetanus; it is important to get protection from it. The CDC recommends booster shots every 10 years.

Contact QuestCare Urgent Care

Immunizations keep you safe from illnesses that can be severe or threatening. Mentioned above are only a handful of ways QuestCare Urgent Care can help you. If you have questions, we are here to answer them. Come in and consult with one of our healthcare providers to ease your concerns, call ahead at (214) 368-4822 or check in online.