Wound Care

Sometimes wounds that occur from skin cancer, severe burns, diabetes, trauma, and infection or if the patient is diabetic or has lowered immunity may heal very slowly. If you or a loved one find yourself with a wound that will not heal stop by Quest Care Urgent Care and visit our wound care clinic.

Wound Treatments

If you have wound that is slow to heal, try the following first aid:

  • Clean the wound with warm water and pat dry
  • Apply topical antibiotic cream to the wound, like Neosporin
  • Apply a clean bandage to the affected area

Most wounds heal in a few days however if you notice your wound is red, inflamed, swollen, oozing, or has any green/yellowish discharge you should tell your doctor right away as these could be signs of infection. If your wound is not showing signs of healing it may be a good time to visit a wound care center.

Why is my wound not healing?

Barriers to wound healing include dead tissue, dryness, certain medications; age (wounds in elderly patients take longer to heal), smoking and various veins can all affect the ability of wounds to heal.

Stages of wound healing

Wounds heal in a predictable pattern. The first stage of wound healing, known as the inflammatory stage, occurs when the blood vessels constrict at the sight of the trauma to prevent additional blood loss. Blood platelets begin to form to clot the blood. Once clotted the vessels open up allowing maximum blood flow to the damaged area to promote healing of the wound.

The second stage of wound healing is the fibrous stage. Collagen, a special fibrous protein in the body, starts to grow within the wound and encourages the wound to become smaller and to close. Tiny blood vessels known as capillaries begin to form at the site and promote new skin growth.

Finally, during the maturation stage, the collagen continues to develop and promote wound healing, this process can take months to years which are why scars fade over time.

Contact QuestCare Urgent Care

If you have any concerns about a wound on any area of your body, please visit QuestCare Urgent Care during a wound care clinic and our staff would be glad to address any of your concerns. You can also call us at (214) 368-4822 or check in online using our convenient tool.