Foreign Body Removal

Small children are experts at hiding bits of food or small toy pieces in their ears or nose. This can create a problem for both parent and child when the object needs removing.

Foreign Bodies in Ear and Nose

If you believe your child has placed a foreign body in their ear or nose, you should first check to see if you can identify the object. If the object cannot be seen or easily grasped, do not try to remove the foreign body by yourself, as it could make the object lodge deeper into the ear canal or nasal cavity.

If you believe your child has swallowed a battery, please contact poison control immediately and drive to the closest emergency room.  In the case of a non-emergency and the foreign body is not easily removable, stop by QuestCare Urgent Care Center and our skilled staff will be happy to remove the foreign body. Our doctors are skilled at gently and safely removing most foreign bodies. A doctor may use a small clamp to grasp the object or use a syringe and saline wash to clear the ears or nose. Other foreign bodies like a splinter or piece of glass may be stuck in a foot or hand of an adult and need removal.

If a patient has a foreign body lodged in an extremity, it is important to have it removed before it becomes painful and infected. After a foreign body has been removed from the ears or nasal cavity the area should return to normal. If you notice redness, swelling or continued irritation in the area, please contact your doctor.

If a foreign body is removed from your fingers, hands or feet and has caused a break in the skin, basic first aid after the removal may be necessary. Simply washing the area with mild soap and water and keeping the area dry should prevent further infection.

Again, if the area becomes tender, red, swollen or oozing, please contact your doctor for additional treatment. Foreign body removal may feel a little intimidating for adults, no less a small child, but at QuestCare Urgent Care Center our friendly staff will provide you with quick, gentle and safe treatment to get you on your way to feeling better.

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