Cuts and Lacerations

An open laceration or cut on the skin happens to almost everyone in their lifetime. Falls, accidents, and daily living are common causes of lacerations. Many cuts are easily treatable at home with a triple antibiotic ointment and a bandage.

However, sometimes cuts require special attention. For example, a cut that is deep through several layers of skin and to the muscle is too severe to be treated at home. A cut that occurs on your face or scalp may also require special attention to prevent bleeding and scarring.


A deep laceration can be treated at QuestCare Urgent Care Center. Our nurses and doctors may use traditional stitches to close the wound. Depending on the location of the cut the doctor may be able to use liquid skin or skin glue to hold the skin together while it heals. Sometimes cuts need to be medically stapled together to ensure the best healing results.

Our doctors take cuts seriously and understand the lifelong impact of scarring. The doctors of QuestCare Urgent take care to stitch a cut precisely and leave the smallest scar possible. It is important not only to suture the cut but also to treat the wound for any potential infections. Depending on your cut your doctor may recommend an antibiotic medication or possibly a tetanus shot.

Our facility can also complete your follow-up visit to remove stitches and to make sure your wound is healing properly. The time frame for a follow-up visit to remove staples and stitches depends on the type of wound. Forget the long wait of a traditional doctor’s office or emergency room. At QuestCare Urgent Care, our patients are seen rapidly and are back to work and school as soon as possible.

If you are at home or work and trying to decide if your cut needs to be seen by a doctor consider the following:

  • The cut is more than ½ an inch deep
  • If you bleed longer than twenty minutes
  • The bleeding does not stop with direct pressure
  • The bleeding is the result of a serious accident

Visit QuestCare Urgent Care

If you experience a deep cut or laceration it is important to see a doctor right away to prevent infection. Visit QuestCare Urgent Care in Highland Park and call ahead at (214) 368-4822.