Broken Bones

While broken bones are never fun not all fractures require a trip to a hospital emergency room. For minor broken bones visit QuestCare Urgent Care in Highland Park forĀ x-rays and treatment options.

X-Ray Services

QuestCare Urgent Care has an onsite x-ray machine and medical laboratory to quickly check if a bone is truly broken. Once our doctors have your results they will determine the best treatment option.

Casts and Slings

Many minor fractures can be treated with a cast or sling. While they may seem uncomfortable, casts offer support, protection and aid in resetting broken bones. Slings are also commonly used to treat injured shoulders and broken collar bones.

Broken Arms

Broken arms are a common, especially in teenagers and active individuals. While severe breaks may require surgery or advanced care many fractures can be treated with a simple cast or sling. The physicians at QuestCare Urgent Care are experts at diagnosing and treating broken arms.

Broken Nose

Broken noses are a common sports injury that can impair breathing, cause bleeding a swelling and be incredibly painful. The doctors at QuestCare Urgent Care are experts at setting and treating broken noses. Typical treatments include realignment and ice to prevent further swelling. In some severe fractures and dislocations surgery may be required to repair damaged cartilage.

Broken Fingers and Toes

While breaking a finger can be painful, most fractures do not require a trip to an emergency room. QuestCare Urgent Care is fully equipped to x-ray and treat broken fingers and toes. Most fractures are treated with splints, wraps or casts that stay on for a few weeks before removal.

Contact QuestCare Urgent Care

Visit QuestCare Urgent Care in Highland Park for x-rays and medical attention if you believe you may have broken a bone. Call ahead at (214) 368-4822 or check in online and skip the wait.