Skin Rashes

Skin Rashes are uncomfortable and can be caused by a variety of conditions. Eczema, dermatitis, insect bites and allergic reactions can all contribute to an unsightly rash. These types of skin rashes cause the skin to itch, bleed and can be extremely irritating. Other issues that could lead to a skin rash include viral infections, medication side effects or fungal infections.

Medical Skin Experts

Skin rashes come in a variety of forms. Many rashes can be described as red, inflamed, bumpy, prickly, raised or flat. Other important characteristics of skin rashes that should be discussed with your QuestCare Urgent Care Doctor include; the location of the rash, shape of the rash, onset and duration of the rash, and any possible allergens that your skin has encountered. Skin rashes that include fever, extreme itching that interrupt your daily life, and rashes that last longer than three days should be promptly evaluated by a doctor.

Why Does the Body Develop Skin Rash?

Our skin acts as a first defense for our immune system. It is the barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from attacking and when that barrier breaks or comes into contact with a pathogen, a rash, medically known as dermatitis is formed. A few common causes of contact dermatitis include poison oak, poison ivy, or changes in soap and laundry detergent. These contact rashes are easily treated with a prescription or a simple change of soaps. Other rashes are more serious and need specific treatment from a medical doctor.

Skin Rash Treatment

Why should you treat a skin rash?
It is possible for a skin rash to worsen over time or become infected. Many times individuals have trouble sleeping or carrying out daily activities due to the severe itching from a skin rash. Stop suffering from itchy skin rashes and other irritating skin conditions with a visit to QuestCare Urgent Care for immediate medical attention from a doctor.

QuestCare Urgent Care Doctors can offer a variety of treatment options to help your skin rash heal. These treatment options may include a topical crème, prescription medication and a consultation of possible allergens and the best way to avoid them.

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