When to Get Help for Burns

When to Get Help for Burns

Getting a burn can be both painful and scary, especially if you do not know how to care for a burn or tell if it is serious. Some burns can be cared for at home with no problems, while others need medical attention to make sure infection or other complications do not occur.

When to Get Help for BurnsTypes of Burns

First Degree Burns – These mild burns often cause reddening and a little pain but often need no other attention than keeping clean and painless.

Second Degree Burns – These burns go into the lower layer of skin and can be more severe. They often cause blistering and more pain than first degree burns.

Third Degree Burns – These burns go into deep tissue and cause completely charred skin and can cause numbness. Third degree burns always need medical attention as they can turn life-threatening.

Burn Care

Before deciding to see a doctor, it is important to render proper first aid to your burns.

  1. Hold the burn under cool water for around 10 minutes.
  2. Make sure all tight items that can be removed from the area are taken off such as clothing and jewelry.
  3. Clean the burn with mild soap but do not try to pop any blisters.
  4. Moisturize and use pain reliever to help manage any pain.

When to Seek a Doctor

Second degree burns are often questionable as far as whether or to see a medical professional. Luckily, there are some sure signs to look for to know if you must seek medical help.

  • Blisters larger than a nickel
  • Bursting blisters
  • Increased pain over time
  • Severe swelling
  • Increasing redness

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