Flu Season is in Full Swing

Is it Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot?

It’s January, and you have seen those signs at your local pharmacy about flu shots since Fall. You have been procrastinating because you have been too busy to make the appointment or simply because you have not felt you needed it. Now, you are hearing about all of your friends coming down with the flu, and you have changed your mind. But is it too late to get a flu shot now?

When is Flu Season?

In the United States, the flu season officially starts around October, depending on weather patterns, as the flu season occurs during the coldest part of the year. This is when the first signs go up in your local stores and doctor’s offices about getting your flu vaccine as soon as possible. However, the flu season lasts until the end of May. That means there is more than four months you can still easily contract the flu.

How Does the Flu Shot Work?

There are actually two types of the flu vaccine. One is in shot form and protects against three different strains of the flu. This shot contains dead versions of the virus only. The other type of vaccine is a nasal spray which contains four live strains of the flu. Both types work by building up your antibodies to fight the flu, thus teaching them to better prevent and fight off flu germs in your body. Typically, it takes two weeks from the time of your shot until you are fully protected.

Staying Healthy All Winter

Staying healthy throughout the flu season is important to all of us. The good news is, even if you can’t guarantee that you won’t get sick, you can help build your body up to be able to fight off illnesses and germs better than before. Be sure to have all your vaccines up to date and wash your hands on a regular basis. Eat healthy, balanced meals and be sure your vitamin levels are where they should be. A family physician can often help with managing these tasks.

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