Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

You may think you know your body, and for the most part, you likely do. The first sneeze may tell you a cold is coming, or a chill, that you have a low-grade fever. You may be an expert at self-care and only go to the physician’s office when absolutely necessary. However, there are some symptoms that can’t be left alone, even if there is a chance it turns out you are just fine. The problem is that some of the most severe symptoms can mean disaster for your health, or they could mean very little. It is hard to tell on your own, and some things just are not worth the risk.

When Normal Symptoms Become Severe

A little pain or a little fever may be something you can easily handle at home with over the counter medications to lessen symptoms. However, if you experience more than a little, it may be time to seek medical attention. A high fever that does not go down with all the typical home remedies can become life-threatening, and you should be seen right away to avoid such complications. Pain is also a concern if it becomes debilitating. It could be your body letting you know something is very wrong.

Symptoms that are an Emergency

There are certain health issues that are always considered to be urgent or an emergency. That is because certain causes of those symptoms can be fatal if not treated immediately. No matter whether you have a fear of examination or a fear that you will look silly in front of the doctor for your worry, there is no reason not to go to the doctor or local urgent care clinic to prevent the worst in the following cases:

Severe headache – Headaches can be troubling, especially if you are not a typical migraine sufferer. A debilitating headache should give you pause if you have no history of these types of events.

Chest pain – Chest pain is always a concern, especially if it is severe or makes you need to sit or lay down.

Difficulty breathing – No matter the cause, this symptom can cause complications fast. It is important to get your airways checked and opened up as soon as possible.

Abnormal bowel movements – This, in particular, refers to stools that are black or bright red because this could indicate internal bleeding.

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