Pesky Ringing in The Ears?

Pesky Ringing in The Ears? What You Might Want to Do About It

Have you ever heard a constant ringing in your ears, or a sharp sound that no one else seems to notice? This is an annoying condition known as Tinnitus. It affects thousands of people each year and can be an acute problem that goes away or a chronic issue.

Types of Tinnitus

There are actually many types of tinnitus, and treatment may be affected by which type you are suffering from. Tinnitus can be on ongoing problem, or it can be acute, meaning it is due to a temporary problem.

  • Acute Tinnitus – This is usually caused by a single event like a loud noise or infection that causes a temporary ringing in the ears.
  • Chronic Tinnitus – This is characterized by a long-term problem that is either constant or comes and goes throughout your life. It is caused by a number of issues that could be within the brain or ear.
  • Pulsatile Tinnitus – This is different in that it involves hearing your heartbeat in your ear and may be heard by others by listening to your heartbeat, especially if a murmur is present.

Dealing With The Ringing In Your Ear

No matter the cause, there is no doubt that this is an annoying problem. There are actions you can take to help yourself.

  • Have a talk with your physician first and foremost. An infection, too much earwax, or medication interactions could be the cause for your problem and could lead to the answer to no longer experiencing this problem.
  • Manage it with other noise. Many find that during work or at night is when tinnitus is the most troubling. Try to combat that with sound generators, white noise machines, or headphones playing your favorite music.
  • Hearing aids may help you hear over the ringing. Ask about this possibility if you have a chronic issue.
  • Consider a diet high in healthy fats which has shown some promising improvements.

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