It’s Cold Season

How to Kill a Cold Before It Starts

The common cold, while considered a mild illness, can be one of the most miserable states to be in, and it can seem like it will never go away. The best way to cure a cold, obviously, is not to get one, but with our busy schedules, it’s hard to avoid the spread of germs everywhere we go. So, is there really a way to prevent getting a cold? While there is no guarantee, there are ways you can make your body a stronger environment for fighting off illness and keeping the cold and flu at bay.

The Science Behind the Common Cold

Even though it is the most common sickness, little is known by the average individual about how a cold works or where it comes from. The common cold is a virus. Specifically, a cold can actually be caused by a number of rhinoviruses. Everyone has most likely experienced several strains of the cold in their lifetime, and they are all easily spread through water droplets in the air that come from sneezes and coughs. The cold virus will then enter a new body through either the mouth, eyes or nose.

Boosting Your Immune System

The cold is so easy to catch and hard to beat because of how many strains there are in existence and how easy it is to spread from person to person. Boosting your immune system is often the first line of defense to keep you healthy year-round. You can do this through a few tried and true methods:

  • Maintain a good amount of sleep. Your physician can help work out the right amount for your age and activity level.
  • Reduce stress by finding time to relax by yourself.
  • Eat well.  Plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as balanced meals, makes sure your body is functioning at its best.
  • Hydrate. Dehydration makes it much easier to contract a cold.
  • Exercise regularly. A strong body has a better chance of fighting off germs.
  • Vigilant hand washing.  The CDC suggests washing for a full 20 seconds.  Need a timer?  Sing the “Happy Birthday” song.

Handling Cold and Flu Season

In winter, people report multiple instances of the cold and flu viruses. The cold weather, humidity levels and stress during the holiday season can all attribute to the prevalence of these illnesses. This is the most crucial time to be vigilant when it comes to your health in order to prevent being down for the count with multiple colds. Follow the steps above in order to fight off the worst of the season.

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