Ear Pain in Infants and Children

Ear Pain in Infants and Children

Ear PainIt is estimated that half of all children will get an ear infection by the time they turn one year old, but the problem is, how can an infant tell you when they are sick? Ear pain, though, can have distinct symptoms that you can look closely for to determine if it’s time for some home remedies or even a visit to the doctor.

Causes of Ear Pain

There are many reasons a child may be suffering from ear pain, including an ear infection. An ear injury as well as itching, ringing, fluid, or ear wax can make a child feel distressed about their ears.

Is it an Ear Infection?

Older children can often explain that their ear hurts, but younger children may not be able to even tell what is wrong. It is important to watch for certain signs and symptoms that can clue you in on a possible ear infection.

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fussiness upon laying down
  • Loss of appetite
  • Slight hearing loss (soft noises)

Is it Time to See a Doctor?

At the first sign of an ear infection, many physicians prefer to wait and see while treating symptoms, which can often be done at home. Ear infections are often not serious and may go away on their own, and it is hard to decipher between viral and bacterial ear infections. However, there are some cases that will need further attention by a medical professional.

If a child has a high fever, frequent or long-lasting infection, or has other underlying conditions they will need to be seen by a medical professional. Treatment is determined upon examination.

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