Are Ear Infections Common During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can cause women to have all sorts of symptoms. Not every woman experiences the same symptoms. However, some symptoms are dependent on the stage of pregnancy. For example, some of the most common symptoms during the first trimester include nausea and fatigue. Symptoms might also including lower back pain or having a chronic stuffy nose.

Are Ear Infections Common During Pregnancy?Having these feelings aren’t usually anything to be worry about, but when women come down with an illness, such as an ear infection during pregnancy, this could be cause for concern.

Causes of Ear Infections During Pregnancy

Besides the typical symptoms of pregnancy, some women experience ear infections. It is actually quite common for pregnant women to experience ear infections.  Women who are already prone to getting earaches will most likely get them during pregnancy. Getting an ear infection can happen during any trimester and can be the result of any of the following occurrences:

  • Coming down with a cold
  • Having allergies
  • Getting a sinus infection
  • Adenoid infections
  • Earwax buildup in the ear
  • Increased pressure on the ear from sleeping

During an ear infection, inflammation causes a blockage of the eustachian tubes. Fluid then builds up in the center of the ear causing pain, discomfort, and sometimes temporary mild hearing loss.

Treating an Ear Infection During Pregnancy

While there are different ways of treating ear infections, such as antibiotics and over-the-counter products, pregnant women should be especially careful. Taking prescription drugs during pregnancy is not recommended as they can have a negative effect on the unborn baby. Therefore, pregnant women should see a healthcare professional to safely treat their ear infection.

Seeking Urgent Care for Ear Infections

If you are pregnant and think you might have an ear infection, there is no appointment necessary to take advantage of our urgent care services. You can call QuestCare Urgent Care ahead of time at (214) 368-4822 or use our online check-in to reduce your waiting time.