4 Signs a Cut Needs Stitches

Even the most careful and cautious people will end up with cuts, scratches, scrapes, and bruises at some point in their lifetime. Fortunately, most wounds are not severe enough to require medical intervention to heal properly. However, deep cuts and scrapes often require stitches to heal without excessive blood loss. Here are four signs a cut needs stitches.

Signs a Cut Needs Stitches

4 Signs You Need StitchesOftentimes, it is necessary to make a judgment call when determining whether a wound needs stitches. If you’re struggling to determine whether you or a loved one should head to the emergency room for stitches, consider the following four signs.

  1. The cut exposes the subcutaneous fatty tissue or dermis of the skin. Usually, such cuts are so wide that it is impossible to use gentle pressure to push the cuts together.
  2. The wound was exposed to bacteria. If the cut was caused by a bite or a dirty object, you may need to go to the ER for stitches and possibly a vaccine to prevent infection.
  3. A cut that is bleeding profusely and showing no signs of showing will likely need stitches. Cuts caused by foreign objects and high-pressure impacts tend to require stitches due to heavy bleeding.
  4. Cuts on sensitive locations, such as on or near the face, genitalia, or joints tend to require stitches.

Handling the Wound Prior to the ER

If you believe a cut is serious enough to warrant stitches, you should handle the wound with considerable care. Leave foreign objects that remain embedded in the wound alone. The foreign object may be preventing you from bleeding profusely. Use soap and water to clean the wound, if possible. You may still need to get a tetanus shot if the wound was contaminated. In case physicians choose to administer sedation medication, avoid food and drink until you get to the hospital.

If you’re still unsure whether your cut needs stitches, contact {company} for advice. Don’t hesitate to contact QuestCare Urgent Care by calling (214) 989-3905.

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